Safety training is a key element in the prevention of work related injuries, illnesses and death.  When educated on safety procedures, employees will know how to prevent an incident in the workplace by doing their job safely and by knowing how to properly respond when presented with a hazard.

Online Training Benefits:

As a subscriber to our online training program, you have access to over 200 courses for a fixed annual per trainee cost. No per session fees!  Unlimited courses!

You have the ability to pick and choose which courses your employee has access to.  You can customize it by job tile or job site.

Ease of Use
Once the customization has been set up, all the employee has to do is log in using his/her unique login and password.  All the required courses will appear on the home screen.  Forget which courses have been completed?  No problem!  With one click you can see what courses have been done along with the quiz score.

Tracking employee training is easy with our management reports.  Completed training reports are available to download with multiple sort fields.  Exception reports show completed/uncompleted training by trainee and trainee supervisor.  A "Quick Report" will show completed training and scores.

Save Money
If you have an instructor come in to do your annual OSHA awareness training, you have to pay for the instructor as well as the employee's time.  There will be down time where no work is being done because all your employees are in class.  The alternative would be to have everyone come in on an off day, then you have to pay overtime.  Online training allows you to "fit" training in when convenient for your employees.

Need a Break....Take a Break
Users have 365 days to complete any course.  E-Learners can log on any hour of the day, this allows them to break up some of the longer courses into smaller sections.  They can work at their own pace and minimize the impact of training on their day-to-day routine.

Instant Certificates
For most courses, certificates of completion are available for immediate downloading or printing when the course requirements have been met.  This is especially convenient when employees need to present proof of training in order to return to or be allowed on a job site.

Online classes are planned around the employee's schedule.  The employer/employee has total control over where and when the courses are taken.  Access anytime, anywhere!

Save Time
Employees can take our online courses using any computer with high speed internet access, eliminating travel time.

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